What I do


To join Together: https://quriobot.com/qb/YNv4aXrL6Rbo12Vw/swivel.

For information on Together – please head to www.swiv.com.au. Together is about Rebuilding Our Common Wealth. The restoration of Government in the public interest – from public broadcasting to a national ICAC, from stopping privatisation to long-term industry policy, from boosting legal aid to investing in scientific research, putting education before defence and taking rational, real action on climate change and energy.

I am working as a lawyer, running the Barefoot Law clinic in Mullum and acting for Enova Community Energy Limited as company secretary. I am also active as an ambassador of Good Return. From now until the Federal Election, I will be investing a lot of time in Together. The Party.

Exciting times. Talk soon.

A new site is on its way.

Mark Swivel
+61 (0)407 875 398

  • Photograph of Aknorm: click for her story
    Aknorm, duck eggs and microfinance, Siem Reap, 2008.