Mark Swivel is a lawyer and writer.

He is currently spending a lot of time touring a show called Dad. Joke. It’s not really stand up but it’s funny. Maybe it’s like a slightly drunk TED talk. You should see it. Let’s call it artisanal humour: world changing witter or evidence based musing for our post-truth times.

In a previous life … Mark was a senior executive with Barclays Bank company, Firstplus 1999-2003 (Chief Operating Officer Wholesale) and director of the UK regulatory body FISA (2000-2002). A director of SCU (Sydney Credit Union) and Chair of its Risk Management Committee (2008-11), Mark was on the board of the Community Credit Foundation, a Melbourne-based micro finance project and completed pro bono consulting assignments with JWOC in Cambodia and Trickle Up in New York, along with the Grameen Bank basic training course in Bangladesh. Mark has a Masters in International and Community Development.

Admitted in 1995, Mark has his own legal practice and consulting business and was partner at Langes Lawyers until July 2006. He specialises in consumer credit, financial services and APRA prudential standards. He has expertise in commercial contracts and corporate governance. Mark’s degrees are in law and arts from Sydney University (JH McClemens Prize for Criminology). After graduation he worked on research projects with the AIDS Council of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney, and co-made the program ‘Sidevalving’ for Radio National. Mark is a graduate of the NIDA Playwrights Studio. His play, Water Falling Down premiered at the Queensland Theatre Company in Brisbane on 7 April 2011. In 2015, he joined the Spaghetti Circus board.

Mark recently joined Enova Community Energy Limited as company secretary and is now an Ambassador for the leading microfinance non-profit Good Return. is the website of Swivel Pty Ltd ACN 115 708 873.

  • Photograph of Aknorm: click for her story
    Aknorm, duck eggs and microfinance, Siem Reap, 2008.