Enova. I joined Enova as company secretary in January and am delighted to be working with a company committed to making the transition to renewable energy a reality. Such a great team to be part of.

Good Return. Last year I did a fundraiser for Good Return. It went well and they asked me to become an ambassador. Good Return do microfinance, skills development and female empowerment across 8 countries. Am honoured to be involved.

COBA. I’m shortly updating Making Sense of the Prudential Standards for COBA. A manual for directors and managers at mutual ADIs to help them come to grips with APRA regulation and risk management. Dry but useful!

SAM. I’m also working on a large exposure solution to boost lending and improve profitability with the SAM group of smaller mutuals and credit unions. Small is beautiful like Schumacher said all those years ago.

Strategy. I’m still enjoying facilitate strategic planning workshops and writing strategic plans. Strategic planning is more than business planning. To me it’s story telling. I’ve been working closely with some clients now for 5 years. It’s a mix of hard numbers, hard work and real creativity. For more on my approach to Strategy.

Board reviews. Tricky, aren’t they? I enjoy helping clients improve their governance processes and get more out of their people. For mutuals and non-profits, being a director can be hard. Good review processes can help time-poor directors make a better contribution. As a taster of my approach, here’s a sample Survey Questionnaire.

Legal. My background is regulatory engagement and compliance in financial services. Licensing. Managing regulators – APRA, ASIC, ACCC, among others. Product design and transaction documentation e.g. credit and capital raising. I still do work in that space …

Electricity Derivatives. I obtained an AFSL for Energy Action to advise on electricity derivatives to expand their risk management process. The project involved working with senior management over 18 months to prepare the licence application and design the compliance system. Work continues!

For more on what I might be able to do for you, see Services.

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    Aknorm, duck eggs and microfinance, Siem Reap, 2008.